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Fuze AR-140 Electronic Time Fuze for 122 mm and 152 mm Artillery Ammunition

The Electronic Time Fuze AR-140 is intended for 122 mm and 152 mm air-burst special projectiles for artillery ammunition.Replaces fuze DZV-90M.The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.

Operation modes Time delay, point detonating.
Time delay setting Manually operated (no tools required).3.0 to 99.8 sec. x 0.1 sec. increments.
Point detonating Settable, when 99.9 sec. setting is selected.
Setting system Digital setting. Positive self-locking by three setting rings.
Unlimited setting storage time.

By two environmental signatures:
- Set-Back Acceleration of 50 g minimum for 1 msec duration minimum
- Sustained airflow: 30 m/sec minimum
- Electronic arming only after T-4 sec
  2.4 sec

Better than 0.1 sec. Standard deviation time delay, less than 0.1 sec.

Power supply
- Air driven alternator.

Temperature limits
- For firing from –40°C to +63°C
- For Storage from –40°C to +71°C

Physical description
- Overall Length 98 mm
- Cross Section Diameter 42 mm
- Intrusion Depth 27 mm
- Standard thread size M36x2.5 (options available on request)

Military  Standarts
- MIL-STD-331B Environmental and perform-ance tests for fuze and fuze components
- MIL-STD-333A Fuze, projectile and accessory contours.
- MIL-STD-1316D Fuze design, safety criteria.
- STANAG 4187 Fuzing systems – safety design requirements


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