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TRIP FLARE TF-W, TF-G and TF-R are used to give warning upon guarding of sites, facilities, storehouses, etc.On activation a sound effect comes, followed by signal stars.


overall height, mm
outer diameter, mm
trip wire length, mm


Weight, kg

not more than 0.260

Colour signal stars

- white
- green
- red

Total duration of sound effect and signal stars burning,s

not less than 150

Range of stars visibility, m 

not less than 500

Range of audibility, m

not less than 300

Effect on activation

sound and light signaling

Max number of ascent signal stars

up to 15

Ascent height of stars, m

up to 5


5 sets of articles (each one consisting of Trip Flare, Fuze, Wire and Post) are packed in an air-tight plastic bag,
10 plastic bags are arranged in a wooden case (Totally 50 sets in a wooden case).

Wooden case dimensions 875x398x206 mm
Gross weight 39 kg

Wooden case marking:
- Article denotation
- Mark of the manufacturer - Ammunition lot number - Year of production of ammunition
- UN complete packaging code
- Quantity of articles
- Gross weight
- UN number of the dangerous goods
- Mark for explosion hazard
- Proper shipping name
- Marking acc. to the requirements of ISPM-15.

10 years, if stored in storeroom conditions, in the original non-opened packing of the manufacturer, strictly observing all handling and storage instructions of the Manufacturer.

Class of explosion hazard:
1.1G, UN 0194

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