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Arcus 98 DA Hi-Power Semi-Automatic Pistol, cal. 9x19 mm Parabellum (Luger)

The ARCUS-98DA is a DA/SA semi-automatic pistol, designed to meet the exacting standards of the military and law-enforcement agencies. The pistol incorporates advanced ergonomic design and proven reliability under any conditions.ARCUS-98DA features increased safety due to the combination of manual safety and automatic safety of the firing pin.The pistol is adopted for service in the Bulgarian army and Police.

Caliber: 9 x 19 mm (9 mm Parabellum)
Action: Double / Single Action
Capacity: 15 rounds (optional 10 rounds)
Barrel length: 118.5 mm (4.66 “)
Overall length: 203 mm (7.99 “)
Height: 139 mm (5.47 “)
Weight: 950 g (33.5 oz)
Muzzle velocity Not less than 340 m/s
Trigger pull range: DA – less than 75 N (16.87 lbs.)
SA – less than 30 N (6.75 lbs.)

Finish: Blue or Duo-tone
Grips: Rubberized ergonomic, Black plastic or Walnut
Safety: Right-thumb Manual Safety,
Half-cock Safety,
Automatic Firing Pin Safety,
Magazine Disconnect
Sights: Fixed Three-Dot Combat Style
Complete set: 2 Magazines, a Cleaning Rod and a Gun Lock

· Double/Single Action

· High capacity magazine

· Ergonomic design

· Three-dot combat style sights

· Advanced safety features

· Blue or duo-tone finish

· Plastic, rubberized ergonomic or classic walnut grips

60 pistols packed in individual cardboard boxes in a wooden case
Dimensions: 700 x 480 x 600 mm
Volume: 0.2 m3
Gross weight: 96 kg

Slide and frame, made of forged steel milled to precise measurements using computerized CNC equipment. Barrel and muzzle are subjected to post production tensile strength testing to 4.500 lbs.

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