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Thermal Monocular DIANA IR

DIANA IR is a thermal imaging device designed to be used by the Special forces while executing a wide variety of Search and Rescue missions and other military operations, regardless of the environmental conditions such as storm, dense fog, smoke, dust, snow or total darkness.The enhanced thermal monocular relies on proven technology. The detector consists of a microbolometer matrix made of amorphous silicon with the size of the sensitive element 25μm and temperature sensitivity <0,05°C. 
The optical elements of the objective are made of germanium lenses with high-durable and anti-reflex coating to withstand even the harshest conditions of military operations. The image processing electronic control unit allows visualization in real time with 30 Hz frame rate and format 384x288 /NTSC/. The digital processing involves complex algorithms that increase the image quality and provide ultimate dynamic range. The monocular has a set of interfaces /serial, USB/ for remote control of the functions and an analogue video output port. It can be mounted on a mask, a helmet or a picatinny rail /MIL-STD-1913/ without the need for special tools.

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