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GP-25 KASTYOR 40 mm Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

The GP-25 KASTYOR is Underbarrel Grenade Launcher intended to fire 40mm grenades type VOG-25. The Launcher is mounted under KALASHNIKOV Assault Rifles AK-47 and AK-74.
Caliber: 40 mm
Ammunition: Grenade VOG-25
Muzzle velocity: 76 m/s Max.
Effective Range: 400 m
Rate of fire (per minute): min. 5 shots
Launcher length: 393 mm
Launcher weight: 1.50 kg
Aiming Device: for Direct and Ballistic Fire
Barrel life: min. 400 shots
GL Manufacturer: ARSENAL Co.
Grenade Manufacturer: ARCUS Co.

20 Launchers in a wooden case
Case Dimension: 1260 x 517 x 375 mm
Gross Weight: 70 kg
Volume: 0.232 cu. m

Grenade Launcher, Brush, Bag for Launcher, Bag for grenades, Spare Parts Set

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