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82 mm MORTAR EM82

The EM-82 mortar is a powerful weapon for small battle units, intended for destroying the manpower and rearms of the enemy, located in the open in hasty shelters and behind barriers. The mortar contributes to the higher eectiveness of ring, it is a reliable means for accompanying the infantry, and is successfully used in guerilla operations. The possibility of dismantling the mortar makes it easily portable by the crew, as well as allows its deployment and taking up a psition in dicult terrains, It is equipped with an MPM-44M optical sight, that provides aiming in both horizontal and vertical planes. A special lighting facility is used in the nighttime or in case of poor visibility.
Caliber, mm  82
Body length  1 220
Range, m:
- maximum
- maximum with long range mortar shell 
- minimum 

3 040
4 020
Rate of fire,rounds/min up to 24
Elevation angle, deg from 45 up to 85
Traversing angle, deg:
- without shifting the bipod
- with bipod shifted 

Operation temperature range, K from 223 to 323
(°C) (-50° - +50°)
Weight, kg
-of the mortar in firing position 
- of the barrel 
- of the carriage-bipod 
- of the support plate
- of the sight


MUM or MPM - 44M sight, set of spare parts and accessories.

For long distance transportation and continuous storage the mortar set is placed in a special wooden case.
Wooden case dimensions, mm  1660x730x470
Gross weight, kg  127
Volume, m3  0.570

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