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40x46 mm Arsenal Stand-alone Grenade Launcher -UGGL-M1


40x46 mm ARSENAL Stand-alone Grenade Launcher UGGL-M1 is a single shot, powerful close support weapon, intended for use against single and area targets at distance up to 400 m.The UGGL-M1 has a telescopic foldable butt. Upon firing with the Launcher, the butt should be always in extended (combat) position.The trigger mechanism is of firing pin type and has a safety that blocks the movement of the trigger. Cocking of the firing pin is performed upon barrel closing.The ARSENAL Grenade Launchers UGGL-M1 intended to fire low velocity grenades type M 406

Calibre, mm 40x46
Arsenal JSCo. production:RLV-F, RLV-FJ, RLV-AD,RLV-HEDP, RLV-P, RLV-TPM, RLV-SMK-0,RLV-SMK-W, RLV-S&F; Other manufacturers: M 406 type and all types 40x46 mm low velocity grenades with length up to 160 mm
Weight, kg 2.85
Overall dimensions, mm
Length with extended butt (combat position)
Length with retracted butt (travelling position)

Width 65
Height with retracted sight 230
Height with extended sight 290
Muzzle velocity, m/s 76
Rate of fire, rounds/min not less than 6
Max firing range, m Up to 400 
Effective range at area targets, m  Up to 350
Effective range at point targets, m Up to 150
Barrel life, rounds 1000

Grenade launchers packed in a wooden case, pcs.


Wooden case dimensions, mm


Gross weight of wooden case, kg


Volume of the wooden case , m3


Bag for 12 rounds, pc


Tools and accessories

1 set

Sling, pc




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