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  • Disconnection of the communication line when handset is on hook

  • Switching on and off of the current supply when the handset is off hook or on hook

  • Audio and visual signaling when there is an incoming call

  • Control and signaling for short circuit or disconnected line when sending an outgoing call in LB mode

  • Visual signaling for discharged current source

  • Operation over two-wire line with attenuation up to 44 db for frequency of 800 Hz

  • Frequency range from 0,3 to 3,4 kHz

  • Call signalling with frequency of 252 Hz and no load voltage from 80 Veff to 100 Veff not less than 70 Veff at 10 k load and not less than 50 Veff at 3 k load

  • Protection against over voltage and atmospheric discharge 

Operating temperature  from minus 30ï‚°C to 55ï‚°C
Storage temperature  from minus 40ï‚°C to 70ï‚°C
Dimension  240 x 95 x 115 mm
Weight 1.2kg

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