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Wideband Radiojammer

The device is designed to protect the information contained in the electromagnetic field emitted in the outer space of working microcomputers, printers and other types of electronic and electric typewriters located in administrative buildings, banks,offices, etc. This information could be "caught" remotely by means of receiving radio and television equipment and could be used for the interests of the competitors, intelligence services, etc. The device operates based on the principle of the active information protection, i.e. emission of wide spectrum signals and masking the emitted useful information. It successfully replaces the much more expensive screens, which are used for the same purpose. The Infoprotector complies with the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility during operation. There is possibility for operation with directional and non-directional antennas and switching of the output power level. The device has sound alarm system, which is activated when it does not emit signals with wide spectrum. The device could be used also when there is no 220 V power supply. In this case the device continues operating with 12 V voltage from storage battery.

Frequency range 1kHz - 1 GHz
Irregularity of the amplitude and frequency response over the entire range 10 - 15 dB
Average output power > 1 W
Current consumption (DC) 800 mA
Time for continuos operation 8 h
Operating temperature range -10 - +40 oC
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz or by storage battery (12-13 V)

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