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LIST OF JAMMED DEVICES (depending on ordered frequency subbands):
•Wireless communications-all types;
•RFID;•CDMA;•GSM 900•Satellite terminals;
•GSM 1800
•GSM 3G;
•Radio controlled Remote Control Devices;
•Other remote radio controlled devices

Frequency band, MHz  20 ÷ 520
800 ÷ 1000
1800 ÷ 2000, or other depending on customer specification
Number of frequency subbands (transmitter modules)  2 ÷ 4
Type of antennas  Internal omnidirectional and external for vehicle (stationary) installation
Total RF output power, W  Up to 100 W divided on the frequency subbands depending on customer specification
Type of interference  Fast random scanning (FRS)
Mode of interference  Barrage
Power supply  12 VDC from internal battery
12 VDC from external battery (including vehicle battery)
220 VAC from external generator or mains
Operational time of the jammer  60 min from internal battery and 100 W output power
Unlimited when power supply is from generator or mains
Limited depending on the capacity of the external battery
Working temperature  - 30°C ÷ +50°C
Remote control function  Yes
Other features  Possibility for vehicle installation and operation with external antennas

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