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The HF/VHF radiojammers are designed to create barrage jamming in the enemy tactical control units operating in the 1,5 - 120 MHz frequency band, divided into eight sub-bands. Artillery bearers of the 152/122 mm calibre are used for delivering the jammer into the area to be jammed.The jammers provide reliable suppression of all types of radio communications on fixed or hoping frequencies, independently of the used frequency and the communication methods. Jammers utilization is possible without preliminary radio inteligence.Practice rounds are also produced for artillery units training purposes. When fired, they produce a smoke effect upon landing.The maximum firing range is defined as per the used artillery system type.The HF/VHF radiojammers do not require any maintenance while in store or when employed. There are no restrictions as to the type of vehicle transporting the jammer.

Transmitter operational range, m >700
Transmitter operation time, min >60
Transmitter frequency range, MHz 1,5-120
Subranges, pcs. 8
Artillery system caliber, mm 152/122
Artillery system operating range, km 3,5-14
Operating temperature range, oC -40 +50 

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