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The Mobile Police Station for Surveillance and Guarding is a functional part of an integrated system for surveillance and guarding of border areas and sites related to the national security.The system has been developed in order to satisfy the actual and future requirements of the departments involved in the guarding of particular areas.The Mobile Police Station is designed to fulfill surveillance and guarding tasks and to provide a reliable and correct information necessary for the effective operation of the command posts.

The following equipment is installed in the vehicle:

  • Radar for observation and surveillance of mobile and immobile people, cars and trucks, armoured vehicles.

  • Video system including a monitor and three video cameras - panoramic day vision camera, detailed day vision camera and night vision camera with an infrared beacon.

  • VHF radio with 50 W power output and capability for operation in non-encrypted, (encrypted and hopping modes are offered as an option) for exchange of voice, data, moving or fixed images.

  • Terminals for exchange of data with various data rates over radio channel.

  • GPS receiver for determination of the Mobile Police Station location (option)

  • Software package, including an electronic topographic map of the guarded areas (option).

  • On-board powers supply equipment.

The listed equipment is installed in a rough-terrain vehicle, as this allows its transportation in a rugged terrain area. During the guarding of the defined area, the Mobile Police Stations are deployed in the guarded area and using the radar and the video system the intruders are detected and identified. The obtained data (voice, digital data and video image) are transmitted to the command post by means of the VHF radio. They are processed there, then the operative actions are planned and organized. The guarding subunits are controlled by means of the established reliable and secure radio communication.

The built system is mobile, reliable and provides a faultless operation at any time and under any weather conditions.

The system allows various options as to the used products. As a manufacturer Samel 90 company could provide any system configuration depending on the requirements of the individual customers.

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