Automated Self-propelled Artillery Battalion Fire Control System ASABFCS “Vulkan-C”

Fire Control Post (FCP)

The fire control post is intended for battle for-mation (SAGM) coordinates determination, pre-paring of firing and fire control data of the SAGM. The fire control post is situated in MTLB-U and is a fire control vehicle. The fire control post is deployed at a distance of up to 3-5 km from the command-observation post. The data transmission channel is organized on the basis of W-LAN computer network be-tween the fire control post and the SAGM at 1 – 11 MB/sec and WAN computer network between the command-observation post and the fire con-trol post by using VHF radio transceivers at data transmission speed of 16 KB/sec.

The fire control post consists of one fire control vehicle.
The fire control vehicle consists of:
- onboard computer (work station for ASABFCS “Vulcan-C”);
-printing device; 
-HF radio transceiver, only for the command vehicle of the battalion commander and batteries commanders;
-VHF radio transceivers – 3 (three) pcs; 
-access device – for W-LAN setting up;
-hub (concentrator); 
-laser range finder;
-sensors to measure the command vehicle tilt;
-remote control and laser range finder observation system;
-satellite navigation system (GPS); 
-independent navigation system; 
-artillery gyrocompass; 
-life provisioning equipment etc.
Onboard computer 
The onboard computer is a basic component in ASABFCS “Vulcan-C” and is intended for: 
-binding of all components in an integrated fire control system;
-display of the battle formation elements on a geographic information system;
-coordinates determination of the battle formation elements and the targets;
-fire data determination;
-exchanging information about the reconnaissance targets, fire data, commands, orders etc.
The onboard computer exchanges information with:
-the range finder, the sensors for measuring the command vehicle tilt and the remote control and laser range finder observation system by RS 232 cable interface;
-the radio transceivers through LAN network;
-the gun terminals through W-LAN network.
VHF radio transceiver 
The VHF radio transceiver is intended for exchanging speech data and information through digital channel at 16 KB/sec. The VHF radio transceiver is an up-to-date contemporary transceiver having data transmission mo-dem and encryption module. The VHF radio transceiver communicates with the onboard computer through LAN network. There are three radio transceivers in the fire control ve-hicle.

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