Automated Mortal Battery Fire Control System AMBFCS “Vulkan-M”

Portable Reconnaissance Post (PRP)

The portable reconnaissance post is de-signed for making reconnaissance and targets’ coordinates determination from a ground observation post. The portable reconnaissance post can control the fire provided that it has been entitled by the command-observation post to exercise control. The portable reconnaissance post is de-ployed at a distance of up to 900 m from the command-observation post. The data transmission channel is organized on the basis  of W-LAN computer network be-tween the handheld terminal and the portable computer at data transmission speed from 1 up to 11 MB/sec.

The portable reconnaissance post consists of technical means as follows: 
Handheld control and navigation wireless network terminal with GPS 
The hand reconnaissance terminal is designed for coordinates determination by means of GPS, for processing the results of measurements of the surveillance and re-connaissance assembly unit, for storage of the recon-naissance information and fire control data, provided it has been entitled to exercise control. 
VHF radio transceiver 
The VHF radio transceiver is intended for exchanging speech data and information with the command-observation post and the fire control post.

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