Automated Mortal Battery Fire Control System AMBFCS “Vulkan-M”

Fire Control Post (FCP)

The fire control post is intended for battle formation (mortars) coordinates determi-nation, preparation of firing and fire con-trol data of the mortars. The fire control post is transported on a vehicle with enhanced trafficability and can operate either from the vehicle, or from a ground observation post. Upon operation from a ground observation post the technical means are dismounted. The command-observation post is de-ployed at a distance of up to 2-3 km from the command-observation post. The data transmission channel is organized on the basis of W-LAN computer network be-tween the fire control post and the mor-tars at 1-11 MB/sec., and WAN computer network between the command-observation post and the fire control post by us-ing VHF radio transceivers at data trans-mission speed of 16 KB/sec.

The fire control post consists of the following technical means: 
Portable computer 
The portable computer is a basic component in AMBFCS “Vulcan - Ì” and is intended for: 
-binding of all components in an integrated fire control system; 
-display of the battle formation elements on a geographic information system; 
-coordinates determination of the battle formation ele-ments and the targets; 
-fire data determination;
-exchanging information about the reconnaissance tar-gets, fire data, commands, orders etc. The portable computer exchanges information with the surveillance and reconnaissance assembly unit by RS 232 cable interface and with the radio transceiver  through LAN network. 
Surveillance and reconnaissance assembly unit 
The surveillance and reconnaissance assembly unit is in-tended for measuring distances, angles coordinates to targets for designation of the mortars’ main direction of fire. The surveillance and reconnaissance assembly unit ex-changes information with the portable computer by RS 232 cable interface.
VHF radio transceiver 
The VHF radio transceiver is intended for exchanging speech data and information through digital channel at 16 MB/sec. The VHF radio transceiver is an up-to-date contemporary transceiver having data transmission mo-dem and encryption module. The VHF radio transceiver communicates with the portable computer through LAN network.
Handheld control and navigation wireless network terminal with GPS 
The hand reconnaissance terminal is designed for coor-dinates determination by means of GPS, for processing the results of measurements of the surveillance and re-connaissance assembly unit, for storage of reconnaissance information and fire control data, provided it has been entitled to exercise control.
The fire control post and the command-observation post are of one and the same type and completely interchangeable.

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