Automated Multiple Launch Rocket Battalion Fire Control System AMLRBFCS “Vulkan-R”

Portable Reconnaissance Post (PRP)

The portable reconnaissance post is de-signed for making reconnaissance and targets’ coordinates determination from a ground observation post. The portable reconnaissance post can control the fire provided that it has been entitled by the command-observation post to exercise control. The data transmission channel is orga-nized on the basis of W-LAN computer network between the handheld control and navigation wireless network termi-nal and the command-observation post with data transmission speed from 1 to 11 MB/sec at up to 900 m or by using VHF radio transceivers for operation at longer ranges (1.5 – 2 km) with data transmission speed of 16 KB/sec.

The portable reconnaissance post consists of technical means as follows:
Handheld control and navigation wireless network terminal with GPS 
The hand reconnaissance terminal is designed for coor-dinates determination by means of GPS,for processing the results of measurements of the surveillance and re-connaissance assembly unit, for storage of the recon-naissance information and fire control data, provided it has been entitled to exercise control.
Surveillance and reconnaissance assembly unit 
The surveillance and reconnaissance assembly unit is in-tended for measuring distances and angles coordinates to targets. The surveillance and reconnaissance assembly unit ex-changes information with the hand terminal by RS 232 cable interface.
VHF radio transceiver 
The VHF radio transceiver is intended for exchanging speech data and information with the command-observation post and the fire control post.

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