Automated Multiple Launch Rocket Battalion Fire Control System AMLRBFCS “Vulkan-R”

Fire Control Post (FCP)

The fire control post is intended for battle formation (combat vehicles) coordinates determination, preparing of firing and fire control data of the combat vehicles. The fire control post is situated in MTLB-U and is a fire control vehicle. However, a wheeled fire control vehicle can be equipped at customer’s request. The fire control post is deployed at a dis-tance of up to 3-5 km from the command-observation post. The data trans-mission channel is organized on the ba-sis of W-LAN computer network between the fire control post and the guns at 1 – 11 MB/sec and WAN computer network between the command-observation post and the fire control post by using VHF radio transceivers at data transmission speed of 16 KB/sec.

The fire control post consists of one fire control vehicle.
The fire control vehicle consists of:
- onboard computer;
-printing device;
-HF radio transceiver, only for the command vehicle of the battalion commander and batteries commanders; 
-VHF radio transceivers – 3 (three) pcs; 
-access device – for W-LAN setting up;
-hub (concentrator); 
-laser range finder;
-sensors to measure the command vehicle tilt;
-remote control and laser range finder observation system;
-satellite navigation system (GPS); 
-independent navigation system; 
-artillery gyrocompass; 
-life provisioning equipment etc. 
Onboard computer 
The onboard computer is a basic component in AMLRBFCS “Vulcan-R” and is intended for: 
-binding of all components in an integrated fire control system;
-display of the battle formation elements on a geographic information system;
-coordinates determination of the battle formation elements and the targets;
-fire data determination;
-exchanging information about the reconnaissance targets, fire data, commands, orders etc.
The onboard computer exchanges information with:
-the range finder, the sensors for measuring the com-mand vehicle tilt and the remote control and laser range finder observation system by RS 232 cable interface;
-the radio transceivers through LAN network;
-the combat vehicles terminals through W-LAN network.
VHF radio transceiver 
The VHF radio transceiver is intended for exchanging speech data and information through digital channel at 16 KB/sec. The VHF radio transceiver is an up-to-date contemporary  transceiver having data transmission mo-dem and encryption module. The VHF radio transceiver communicates with the onboard computertransceivers in the fire control ve-hicle.

The automation means with the combat vehicles are as follows: 
Handheld combat vehicles control terminal 
The combat vehicles control terminal is designed for co-ordinates determination by means of GPS, automation of the combat vehicles laying activities in main direction, receipt and display of fire data, automatic fire signal and exchange of official information through W-LAN network.

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