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R 33m Radiostation

R-33M is VHF simplex manpack radio with frequency modulation (FM) and capability of data transmitting of 16kbit/s . It is designed for communication with radios of the same type without searching and additional frequency tuning over a rugged terrain, at a distance not less than 7 km at any time of day and year.The radio is designed to operate in different climatic conditions without its electric parameters being affected. R-33 is hermetically sealed and resistant to impacts and vibrations.This radio can work together with (SIGMA, OMEGA and DELTA) digital encryption devices. 

Frequency range, MHz 30-79,9875
Number of channels
     at 12,5 kHz spacing
     at 25 kHz spacing

Transmitter output power at equivalent load 50 Ohm, W >2
Microphone input sensitivity, mV >2
Maximum deviation, kHz <+/-5
Receiver sensitivity, µV Ј 1
Receiver output RF power, mW >2
Consumption at power supply voltage 12V
     at "transmission" mode, mA
     at "reception" mode, mA

Ј 800
Ј 100
Dimensions, mm 300/185/75
Weight, kg 4
Time for continuous operation at 5:1 Rx/Tx ratio, h >7
Operating temperature range, °C -30/+50

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