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Radio set R-163-50K ДЛЯ1.201.005

Radio set R-163-50K is intended to provide HF telephone and telegraph radio communication between mobile and fixed objects.
R-163-50K ensures the following duties:
• telephony with SSBM (single-sideband modulation) on USB (upper sideband) (radiation A3J);
• telegraphy with on-off keying of the carrier (radiation A1);
• FSK (frequency-shift keying) telegraphy with carrier frequency shift ±250 Hz (radiation F1);
• telegraphy, 150 bit/s, FSK with carrier frequency shift ±250 Hz (radiation F1);
• reception and transmitting of address call, telecode information and call tones with light indication at the display;
• remote control by the control panel up to 10m; antenna matching device can be remote up to 5m;
• scanning reception.
The control of the radio set is carried out with the help of the built-in microcomputer.R-163-50K provides the work at "simplex" and "two-frequency simplex" modes.

Frequency range MHz  2 ÷ 30
Frequency spacing, kHz  1,0
Input of frequency, setting of modes  keypad controlled
Display  alphanumeric with light indication
Retuning time between preset frequencies, s  0,5
Tuning time, s  15
The number of preset frequencies  16
Receiver sensitivity, μV  3,0
Frequency stability  ±4,5Ñ…10-7
Current consumption, not more, A

Power supply, V  27 (22-30)
Operating range on dipole, up to, km  до 350
Operating range on 4m. whip antenna, up to, km  до 50
Operating temperature - 50°Ð¡ ... +55°Ð¡
Time between failures, h  5200
Dimensions of transceiver, mm  300Ñ…292Ñ…414
Weight of transceiver, kg  35
Weight of the set, not more, kg  60
Antennas:  2m and 4 m whip,dipole

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