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Radio receiver R-173 PM1

The Radio receiver R-173PM1 is a modernized variant of the Radio sets R-173P and R-173PM.
The modernization is implemented according to the technical conditions currently in force.The main tactical and technical parameters (sensitivity, frequency range, quantity of the preset frequencies, weight e.t.c.) remained unchanged, in accordance with the radio receiver's class and standards. The Radio receiver R-173PM1 intends to provide FM VHF telephone information reception for its mounting on moving objects. The radio receiver provides information reception in analog and digital modes. The radio receiver offers instant information reception on any of ten preset frequencies on whip antennas 3m, 2m or 1m, wide-band VHF and emergency antennas. If the object is moving, whip antenna 2m is used as a main antenna. It provides joint, independent operation of the Radio receiver R-173PM1 and Radio set R-73Ðœ1 on separate whip antennas, as well as on a common whip antenna using antenna filters unit R-173-14.
For analog information reception the radio receiver offers two operation modes:
• mode Intercom system - provides joint operation with equipment of integral connection and commutation (АВСК) R-174, R-174Т intercommunication system R-124, or its analogues in the objects with high noise level under high output voltage of the received signal.
• terminal equipment (TE) mode - operation with АВСК R-174, R-174Т,
intercommunication system R-124, of their analogues, and terminal equipment with standard levels of input, output signals. For digital information reception (digital signal mode) the radio receiver is intended to operate with digital communication equipment. The parameters and technical specification of Radio receiver R-173PM1 do not differ from those of Radio receivers R-173P and R-173PM, manufactured by other enterprises in former time, but it has more modern element basis. The units and component parts of Radio receivers R-173PM1 are completely interchangeable with units and component parts of Radio receivers R-173P and R-173PM. Operation of the radio receiver is provided with the help of a microprocessor. The front panel of the radio receiver is equipped with a modern membrane-button system with electronic commutation that enabled the manufacturer to raise the radio receiver reliability and made the operation process simpler.The radio receiver keeps its serviceability under the temperature ranging from - 50oC to +50oС and relative humidity to 98% in temperature conditions +40o.
The radio receiver keeps serviceability under vibration and high humidity level.
The average time between failures is 6000 h.
There are two variants of Radio receiver R-173PM1:
• R-173ПМ1 ЯГ1.100.030 variant - provides operation in analog mode;
• R-173ПМ1 ЯГ1.100.030-01 - provides information reception and transmission in analog
and digital modes.

Frequency range, kHz  30000 ÷ 75999
Frequency spacing, kHz  1
Receiver's susceptibility, μV:
- while analog signal reception, not worse
- with noise killer turned on, not worse
- on a digital channel with error coefficient 1Ñ…10-2, not worse

Output voltage:
- mode intercom system, not less, V
- terminal equipment, V

1 and 2 IF image channel receiver selectivity, and on the first IF (intermediate frequency), dB 
The radio receiver has 10 preset frequencies. Average time of shifting from one preset frequency to another not more, s  3
The radio receiver power supply is vehicular mains, DC, V  +27(22-29)
Consumption current under nominal voltage must not exceed, A  1,2
Dimensions of the radio receiver with shock-absorber, mm  (222Ñ…210Ñ…239)
Weight max, kg  

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