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The Anti-helicopter mine 4AHM-100 is designed to destroy low flying
The mine consist of 4 warheads situated in the form of square and a
combined control sensor placed at the square center. The warheads have built-in
fuses which are activated siumultaneusly by the sensor through coded signals.
The warheads are placed horizontally on the ground and the combined sensor - on a horizontal platform on the terrain level. All mine components can
be camouflaged by adequate means.
 The fuses are resistant to disturbances and have two levels of protection
agains accidental activation before setting the mine fighting state. The fuses
can be activated or neutralized by signals from the sensor after expiration of the
programmed safety time.
The combined sensor is based on two physical principles - acoustic and
radar which can indentify flying helicopters respectively by DSP analysis of the
acoustic noice and by Dopler signal. On client's request the acoustic sensor can
be "learned" to identify various types of helicopters. Signals processing, sending
commands for explosion at helicopter appearance or for neutralization or selfdestroying after programmed time expiration are fulfilled by a control system.
Sending commands for neutralization or explosion as well as additional
functions - temporary neutralization and fighting condition test could be
performed through coded signals by a control station, on request.
The mine can not be activated by occasional noices, moving people,
animals and ground military machines, or by sideway or high flying helicopters.
It is protected agains activation caused by bullets and fragments direct hit, storm, heavy rain and snow, sand storm and is efficient at any climatic conditions expect.
The mine power supply is provided by batteries fit directly before setting
into fighting condition. The combined sensor can be equipped with batteries

Warhead with fuse:
destroying range, m 100
safety time before setting into fighting state, min 35
fighting state maximum duration, days 90
dimensions, mm D400 x H150
weight, kg 30
Combined sensor:
range - vertical cylinder with dimensions, m D50 x H100
dimensions, mm D220 x H250
weight, kg 5

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