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The Anti-Tank Mine PTM-25 is designed to inflict damages on light and
heavy armor vehicles and other means for transportation. Depending on the
expected target it may be supplied with one to three (usually two) warheads
with single explosive mass 12.5kg TNT equivalent. The non-contact fuze is
supplied with induction and seismic systems for detection and localization of
the target and comprises a two-stage safety device.
The mine is hard detectable by regular demining means. The
microprocessor system prevents from possible activation by electromagnetic
trawls. The programmer PD/LC-25 carries out the following functions: testing
the systems of the fuze before detonation, non-contact programming of arming
state duration in the range from 1 to 30 days, and switching over the systems of
sensitivity of seismic sensor. On elapsing the arming state time the mine is selfdestroyed.
The mine is supplied with a trench charge.

Dimensions of mine with two warheads, mm Ø364 x 215
Dimensions of a single warhead, mm Ø364 x 100
Main charge, kg TNT equivalent 25 (2 x 12.5)
Type of explosive  70%TNT, 30% RDX
Type and quantity of the intermediate charge, kg RDX, 0.14
Total mass (with two warheads), kg 25
Fuze mass, kg 1.4
Non-contact programmable fuze two-channel activation system
Programmer PD/LC-25
Safety time (before transition to arming state), min 30
Maximal duration of arming state duration, days 30
Step for setting the arming state, days 1
Operation temperature, °C -30 to 60
Storage without maintenance, years 10
Storage under shelter, years 2
Accessory Trench charge

Mass of the shaped charge, kg 1.52
Mass of the fougasse charge, kg 0.84
Dimensions of the shaped charge, mm 171
Dimensions of the shaped charge with support, mm 360
Dimensions of the fougasse charge, mm Ø60 x 350
Temperature range of operation, °C 30 to 60

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