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The anti-transport mine ATM-100 is designed for damaging transport and
light armor vehicles with armor thickness up to 10 mm at 100 m distance within
a horizontal sector 20°.
The mine consists of:
- Warhead with fuse;
- Controller;
- Sensor set (MW barrier, magnetic sensor, seismic sensor).
The sensor set is arranged within the mine area of damage. In case a vehicle
enters that area the sensors emit signals to the controller, which after processing
produces a command for detonation. The connection among the constituting
parts of the mine is carried out over a radio channel.
Basic tactical and technical characteristics:
1. Warhead:
- Explosive: 14kg TNT/H
- Fragments: 55pc. x 110g
- Overall dimensions: diameter 365mm, length 210mm
2. Controller:
- Distance from the war head and the sensors: up to 150m
- In-built acoustic sensor for system activation
- Possibility for programming the time of arming state - neutralization or selfdestruction
- Possibility for remote controlled explosion
3. Sensors:
3.1. Microwave barrier:
- Area of operation: length 100m, width 10m
- Speed of motion: from 2km/h to 100km/h
3.2. Magnetic sensor:
- Area of operation: circular, diameter 4m;
- Speed of motion: from 2km/h to 100km/h
3.3. Seismic sensor
- Selectively responses to moving objects, e.g. transport vehicles, people etc.
- Area of damage: circular, diameter up to 10m for vehicles
General information about the ATM-100:
- Arming state duration: up to 15 days
- Ambient temperature: from - 40°C to 50°C
- Storage duration: 10 years

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