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The non-contact fuse NV-PTM-C is designed for the anti-tank mines
TM-62M and TM-62P3. Using it, the mines are transformed from anti-track
into contact-less mines.
The fuse is a state-of-art, high tech device incorporating the latest
achievements of the technologies. It can be switched on automatically in case of
machine laying of the mines or manually. The control system of the mine is
activated after a time delay by mechanic and electronic clocks which allows
entirely secure walking away when laying it in operational position.
The electronic circuit controls different types of sensors (some of them
chosen as an option) and allows activation of the charge only when a tank passes
over it. Other transport vehicles as well as passages of tanks near and close to
the mine do not affect it. The activation of the fuse may happen after a chosen
number of tank’s passages over the mine between 0 and 10. This number is field
programmable before laying of the mine.
The fuse is resistant to electromagnetic mine exploders and the other
contemporary methods for mine-sweeping. It posses also anti-lifting action
against attempts for removal.
When the fuse is activated it’s shaped charge explodes forming a jet which
penetrates into the vehicle bottom and simultaneously performs detonations of
the booster and main mine charges.
If not activated during the whole pre-set fighting state period, the control
system initiates the firing circuit for self-destruction of the mine.
Technical data:
Shaped charge                                            290 g pressed RDX
Sensor system range, m                                0,8
Camouflage earth layer, m                           not more than 0,12
Safe time (since deployment),                      min minimum 30
Number of passages before activation
of the mine (field programmable)                 0 - 10
Period for fighting state, days                       minimum 30
Step for setting fighting state period, day      1
Resistance to neighbor mine explosion, m     10
Power supply, V                                            9
- diameter, mm                                            280
- height, mm                                                140
Total weight, kg                                           2,77
Temperature range of use, oC                        -30 to +50
Storage without maintenance, years
- in storehouse                                             10
- under field conditions                                  2

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