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The independent underwater effector PDM-2B is a new generation of
bottom device designed for building defence barriers from 2,5 to 10 m depth in
the waterside of a sea or a river.
The warhead construction provides its floating ability.
The effector possesses a built-in non-contact sensor system with three
safety locks: transportation, electrochemical and electron.
After removing the first safety lock and lowering the device down into
water the second safety lock is activated. Three minutes later the safety lock of
a firing circuit is released and the third safety lock is activated counting 25
minutes and the sensor system is switched on.
The electron block controls autonomously the device condition according
to a pre-set complex program (processing and analysis of the sensor system
signals, performing the explosion, protection from eventual activation of the
electron keys, protection of systems in case of battery capacity decrease, etc.).
The fuse possesses two programmable modes of eliminating the device
fighting condition after elapsing the pre-set time: self-destruction and
Neutralised condition is visualised by detaching the sensor system and its
floating up to the surface of the water.
A Remote Control System can be applied for control of the device from the
coast or vessels. The Remote Control System performs the following functions:
- activation;
- deactivation (neutralisaiton or self-destcution).
The commands to the remote control system are transmitted from control station
located on the coast or on a vessel. Each sensor system has an individual coded
access number, which allows sending of control signals to every individual device, to separate groups of devices or to all devices of the antilanding barrier within the range of the control system.
Depth of operation, m                                                                      2,5-10
Distance between two devices, m                                                     > 20,0
Main charge casted                                                                            TNT
Booster charge pressed                                                                       TNT
Induction fuse, type                                                                           NV-SM
Remote control /options/ hydro-acoustic
communication system
Remote control system range, meters /options/                                    up to 1000
Sensor system range, m                                                                               0,8
Safe time (since immersed), min                                                                   35,0
Maximum time of fighting condition, day                                                    15
Step for setting in fighting condition, day                                                        1
Resistance to sea waves, ball                                                                           5
Power, V                                                                                                        9
Device diameter, mm                                                                         360,0±5,0
Device height, mm                                                                             600,0±5,0
Device weight, kg                                                                              120,0±5,0
Weight of warhead, kg                                                                       20,0±5,0
Weight of main charge, kg                                                                  16,0±5,0
Weight of fuse, kg                                                                    1,5±0,02
Weight of booster charge, g                                                                70,0±0,05
Temperature range of use, °C                                                      minus 4-plus 35
Storehouse storage, years                                                                             10

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