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The product is intended for direct re against tanks, armoured personnel carriers,self-propelled guns and other armoured targets. In case of need, the round may also successfully be used for ring against vertical walls of heavy fortications.
Weight of the projectile, kg  19
Length of the projectile, mm 680
Weight of explosive in the charge, kg 1,624 - 1,760
Weight of the main propellant charge (4J40), kg 10
Weight of the powder in the main charge, kg 5
Pressure in the charge chamber, MPa 300
Muzzle velocity, m/s 905
Tailplane span, mm 343
Armour penetration, mm 450 at angle 0°
Cone copper
Explosive ocfol

Wooden case with dimensions, mm 816x541x272
    - Gross weight, kg 60
    - Volume, m 0.12

Projectile BK-14 
Main propellant charge 4J-40
Fuze V-15

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