Fuzes for Rounds for Underbarrel and Automatic Grenade Launchers

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FUZE vmg-M-L For 30 mm HE Round VOG-17

VMG-M-L is a mechanical, nose, point-detonating fuze with super-quick action. The fuze features distant arming and self-destruction.Fuze VMG-M-L completes 30 mm High Explosive round VOG-17 for AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.

Action: PD; Super Quick
Arming: distant,  by set-backand rotational forces
Muzzle Safety Distance: not less than 10 m
Time of Self-Destruction: 28 to 36 s
Temperature Range for Firing: -50 to +50°C
Temperature Range for Storage: -50 to +50°C
Shelf Life: 10.5 years

Length of Fuze (max): 51.5 mm
Visible Length (max): 27.0 mm
Intrusion Length (max): 24.5 mm
External Diameter (max): 29.6 mm
Weight of Fuze: 47 g
Type of Booster: A-30-T
Weight of Booster: 1 g
Thread Size: Spec.  M27.96 x 1-8H

Fuze Safety
Before firing the Safety and Arm device prevents the detonator from positioning into the fire train. Even in case of unintentional ignition of the primer, no transfer of the firing pulse to the fire train can occur.

Distant arming
The fuze ensures distant arming within 10 to 60 m from muzzle. At firing the set-back and rotational forces arm the fuze, fixing the elements of the fire train in one line.

Upon impact  the fuze provides SQ action. The fuze functions upon impact on solid ground, marshy ground and snow.

In case of no impact the round is self-destruct within 28 to 36 s.

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