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DZV-90 Time Fuze

The time fuze for 152 mm and 122 mm rounds for firing respectively from D-20, ML-20, 2C3 and D-30, M-30, 2C1.The time fuze provides initiation for the warhead at a specific time.It is a point time fuze.

Time delay, s 2…90
Value per time index, s 0,2
Time delay system failure, % Up to 1,1
Reliable action coefficient, % ≥ 98
Safe drop height, m 3
Temperature range for operation, K 223...323
Fuze weight, kg 0,348

Overall and fixing dimensions:
Fixing thread, mm Sp 36,18 x 10 turns at 24,5mm
Body diameter, mm Ø 39,5
Maximum length, mm 98

40 pieces in 4 metal boxes, placed in a case
Dimensions, mm 520x490x171
Volume, m3 0,044
Weight, kg 31 

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